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It can be a daunting decision when choosing someone to do your tree work. 

If your concerned about making the mistake of contracting someone or some business that may jeopardise your precious home, garden or even your safety, THEN YOU SHOULD BE !!

A Non Reputable company or persons is also more than likely uninsured or under insured without having an Unlimited Height Public Liability Policy to carry out Tree Work over 2 metres in height. 

This may leave you in hot water with no insurance cover if any damage occurs to your property. 

Unfortunately there is an abundance of these types of businesses on the Sunshine Coast, this generally shows in Cheap Rates and Quotes to carry out tree works. 

If choosing a contractor is all about the lowest price, then it may end up a very expensive choice in the long run, Remember you get what you pay for.



A Reputable Tree companies equipment should consist of a minimum of a crew of 2 plus workers and this is for safety reasons as well as productivity, along with a chipper and truck or light vehicle eg a ute with a chip bin on the back for poor access jobs where larger trucks cant access. A reputable tree companies crew will also carry a combination of chainsaws, polesaws, climbing equipment and machinery like loaders and are highly capable of carrying out most aspects of tree removals, pruning and stump grinding.

Our crews consist of between 3 and 6 crew members depending on the complexity of the job and carry an exceptional amount of specialised gear and equipment and are highly trained and experienced in what we do, we only use the latest plant and equipment to ensure our safety and your productivity and value for money whether it be a Technical Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Insurance Work, Medium Size Garden Maintenance or even Stump Grinding.

Remember to always ask to see an Unlimited Height Public Liability and Plant Insurances before deciding on your contractor to ensure your property is protected.



Its not always about the lowest cost especially when getting tree work done, If its pruning work then its about quality and getting the best treatment for the health of the tree, If its Tree Removal its more about having the tree dismantled in a safe and controlled manner.

So when a tree contractor shows up with his Ute, Trailer and Ladders to Prune or Remove your trees, Think twice before letting them proceed as it may cost you a whole lot more than the cheap quote they gave you.

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